Adrenaline Rush!

Thailand ’19

Parasailing was refreshing, fast paced, mildly scary, and Amazing!

Thailand ’19

Jet ski gives a feel of fast paced motor biking on the vast expanse of the ocean.

Manipal ’19

This was my first marathon ever, it was quite a challenge, which made it fun.

Thailand ’19

Snorkeling allows us beautiful view of the underwater life, it is a relatively low risk water sport, the water was clear with a beautiful blue reflection.

Manipal ’19

Kayaking is an activity best done with friends, it works out the arms and the abs like crazy, and is peaceful and rewarding in its own way.

SCUBA-DIVING (a.k.a: Finding Nemo)
Thailand ’19

Scuba-diving is one of the most breath taking adventure sports. The beauty and the peace of the otherwise unseen ocean is awe-inspiring.

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