Adrenaline Rush!

Thailand ’19

Parasailing was fun refreshing, fast paced, mildly scary, but Amazing!

Thailand ’19

Jet ski is always fun, a feel of fast paced motor biking on the vast expanse of the ocean.

Manipal ’19

This was my first marathon ever, it was quite a challenge, which made it a fun.

Thailand ’19

Snorkeling allows us beautiful view of the underwater life, it is a relatively low risk water sport , the water was utterly beautiful (clear with a beautiful blue reflection) and so was the serenity of the vast ocean.

Manipal ’19

Kayaking is a fun activity best done with friends, it works out the arms and the abs like crazy, and is peaceful and rewarding in its own way.

SCUBA-DIVING (a.k.a: Finding Nemo)
Thailand ’19

Scuba-diving is one of the most breath taking adventure sports. The beauty and the peace of the otherwise unseen is ocean is awe-inspiring.

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