Changing perspectives on life (a poem)

Ever since I was a child I had known the universe to be a cold place,
full of darkness and void.

I knew this to be the absolute truth,
until I met her that fortunate day.

I have been to places and have seen many things,
But, seeing life through her eyes gave this earthly man a pair of wings.

Now the universe feels So, So! Divine,
that life feels like a sip of heavenly Wine.

The mesmerizing beauty of the stars and the nature,
Only gets better when I am with her.

So please pause and appreciate life,
By spreading love and peace is how we thrive.

a poem by Ujjawal Sureka

Ujjawal Sureka
A Student of life.

PS: If this post resonated with you, let me know in the comments, also share if you think it will be useful to others. Thank you, and have a great day.

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11 thoughts on “Changing perspectives on life (a poem)

    1. Thats a great way to put it Maam, I am glad you shared that.
      I appreciate your take on this 😊
      Thank you and I hope you stay well too 🙌


  1. I basically came here from Phoebe’s blog but after reading this post I must say you’ve a true soul of a poet. Such brilliant piece my friend. Congrats for getting a new follower. Wish you all the very best for your poetic journey. Would be glad if you also visit and read some of my poems whenever time permits.

    Liked by 1 person

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