Infinite Pathways (a poem)

I don't understand, I am scared and surprised,
You are just overwhelmed,
the guide surmised.

I am at the crossroads of my life,
I don't know which way to choose,
and where to strife.

They say, the choice is yours, you can be anything,
with a childlike innocence, I say,
I want to be everything.

The guide had heard this a million times,
You cant be everything says he,
Don't you hear the ringing chimes?

I stopped to think, and looked,
the beauty of the infinite possibilities,
got me hooked.

The guide looked at my profile with subtle smiles,
he knew I wanted to be an artist,
 a journey of a thousand miles.

Which path would take me to my best life?
The one where I could be my best self,
content & fulfilled with my lovely wife.

If I could, I would choose a million things to be,
But, this ain't Rick and Morty,
Ooh Wee.

The guide says, just listen to your inner voice,
and choose with confidence,
in retrospect, I kinda liked his advice.

I saw a path, unique, 'calling my name'
I noticed that it was a 'road less traveled'
I wondered if it would be my path to fame.

I knew that I couldn't let indecision cripple me,
So not judging the path I chose,
I took a leap of faith that would set me free.

You have made a great choice,
said the guide, who was wise,
after all you listened to your inner voice.

a poem by Ujjawal Sureka

About the Poem.

This poem is a reflection of the numerous options that lay before us, and the crippling feeling of indecision that has to be overcome. Most of the entrepreneurs/thinkers/doers claim, that, the result of a decision can’t be predicted (either can be a good one), but the result of indecision is almost always known.

This life is yours to make, choose a path to be great at, and just appreciate the things that others have achieved, at the end of the day, we all have been at the crossroads of life, just in a different space or a different time.

I wanted to convey a concept of growth in an art form, this is my first attempt on writing a poem, though I am quite happy with the poem, I am sure I can improve, kindly provide me with feed-backs, so I can learn and improve.

Ujjawal Sureka
A Student of life.

PS: If this post resonated with you, let me know in the comments, also share if you think it will be useful to others. Thank you, and have a great day.

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6 thoughts on “Infinite Pathways (a poem)

  1. Bhaiya…I love reading your posts and wait eagerly for each one of them.
    This poem is super amazing. It totally resonates with me and the other young minds as well.
    Stay safe and keep filling us with such great words of motivation, Bhaiya! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Megha! I am glad that you read my posts and also that they have resonated with you. I hope they can be of value to you.
      You too stay safe and stay blessed! ☺️


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