BRIGHT MINDS – Keep your brain younger and healthier (Part 1)

We owe most of the success of humans being the alpha species of the planet to the development of our brains, the highly complex jelly like structure, made of fat and water, that gives our life its true meaning. To truly enjoy life, we need to tap into the powers of the mind and use tools and techniques to make sure our brain is in a better shape than it was yesterday.

โ€œTo feel successful, you must be able to be honest about the things that are really important to you.โ€

โ€• Dr. Daniel Amen

I came across these tips while listening to the mind valley podcast featuring Dr. Daniel Amen, an American celebrity doctor who practices as a brain disorder specialist as director of the Amen Clinics. He thinks that by implementing these techniques, one can benefit enormously and avoid premature brain ageing.

Bright Minds

B: Blood flow

Why is it important to maintain a good blood flow to the brain?

  • A good blood flow increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the brain
  • It is also responsible for removing the accumulated toxins

How can we improve blood flow?

  • Reduce/avoid addictive compounds like Caffeine/Nicotine/Alcohol
    – One can limit caffeine to one cup a day.
  • Exercise more often
  • Walk more
  • Table Tennis (it is one of the best games for a healthy brain, due to the fast game-play and the increased brain activity to keep a track of the spins and speeds)
  • Dance (Also involves increased mind and body coordination)
  • Eating healthy foods like (Beets/Pomegranate)

R: Retirement in ageing

When we stop learning, the brain cells start dying, the forms of learning can be simple or complex, some of the best things to learn, with the perspective of brain health, are:

  • Learning a new language
  • Learning new skills in a profession (Soft skills/tools)
  • Musical instrument
  • Art (Drawing/Painting)

We can learn through interaction, we can learn from books/podcasts/online courses, we just need to make sure that what we learn is inline with what we want to achieve in career and in Life.

I: Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when a part of our body is healing itself. It is often accompanied by tingling sensations in our body, but its more subtle or unnoticeable in the brain.

What can cause brain inflammation response?
Brain injuries and chronic diet related diseases like diabetes, and gut problems.

This inflammation can cause a feeling of depression or brain fog, and can leave us feeling a bit confused and dull.

To counter the continued inflammatory response, we have to make changes to our diet, we can follow some of the precautionary measures as followed,

  • Add Omega-3 fatty acids to the diet (Walnuts, fish, fish oil supplement)
  • Avoid saturated fats and sugar
  • Add more fruits and veggies to the diet
  • Small amounts of turmeric can also be helpful
  • Saffron in its natural state is said to improve mood and alleviate inflammation

If the condition persists or is significant or severe, seek professional medical help. Also its advisable to discuss with a professional dietician and discuss all the problems and medical history before making any major diet changes.

G: Genetics

Genes load the gun, but our behavior pulls the trigger.”

Dr. Daniel Amen

Although people are born with certain predetermined patterns of brain and body development owing to their genetics, we can control our behavior and can respond back according to what we are more prone to and control our behavior asap.

Lets say, that our metabolism is naturally on a slower side, causing an “unexplained” weight gain, but we do some research and understand that metabolism can also be affected by some amounts of moderate exercise and healthy eating, giving us our control back.

We can also be aware of our surroundings and keep making a conscious effort into making it a more healthy atmosphere for a better brain. Eg: Having things or items that remind us of making an effort towards a healthy life, books, going for a walk in fresh air, avoid places with smoke, and so on.

H: Head Injuries

A head injury can happen to anyone and its something we have no control over. The obvious thing to do is to avoid unnecessary risks, some of things we can do are:

  • Wear a helmet during bike riding or performing stunts
  • Not jerk the head too much (like during the times of rock/metal music)
  • Work out in moderation
  • Being alert when doing high risk tasks and wearing protective gear

Personal Experience:
“I recently had met with quite a serious road accident where a car had hit my bike and drove past me, I had had quite a few injuries over my body, but my head was saved by the helmet I was wearing, it cushioned me throughout the accident and bore a lot of scratches itself, my learning and advice: please wear helmets, it might save your life.”

T: Toxins (avoid them)

Alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana might provide a temporary alleviation of the pain or depression, but in a long term, they become toxic to the brain causing a net increase in depression and brain related diseases. As a rule of thumb, anything that is overdone or can be addictive is harmful in a long run.

What can be done to reduce or replace toxins:

  • Reduce over use of addictive substances (Alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, caffeine)
  • Try to stay in cleaner areas with less cars/pollution
  • Drink ample amounts of water: Removes toxins from the blood
  • Eat fruits/veggies (for Fibre): Cleans the gut
  • Sauna: Purifies the skin

( To be continuedโ€ฆ )


I hope you remember BRIGHT, improve Blood flow, Retire ageing, combat Inflammation, improve behavior to support your Genetics, avoid and remedy Head injuries, and stay hydrated to remove Toxins.

The brain is one of the most vital organ of the human body, and its our responsibility to keep it healthy, and in turn it will help us grow beyond our perceived limits and help us reach our true potential.

Ujjawal Sureka
A Student of life.

PS: If this post resonated with you, let me know in the comments, also share if you think it will be useful to others. Thank you, and have a great day.

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    1. Haha, for sure, Dr. Amen came up with the idea, and I found it to be interesting and helpful and knew that it has to be shared here. Yeah, I am with you mate, I also have to learn the techniques he is suggesting. I am sure you will adapt them and keep growing. ๐Ÿ™Œ


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