Surround yourselves with the best minds on the Planet

We are the sum average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with. Neuroscientists say that our neurons fire in a same or a similar way when we perceive the stimulus with our senses as opposed to actually doing the task, for eg: watching your coach play a game of basketball will give you a lot of insights into the game and the movements, something similar would happen if we watch endless hours of Micheal Jordan videos.

We get the best practice by actually doing the task, even if it is an imitation of those before us, but its not always feasible or possible to see the greatest thought leaders in the planet in action. But the world has an overwhelming amount of tools and tech to get access to the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the most productive players.


Although we can no longer be directly coached by one of the greatest minds of the ones who have lived before us, we can surely tap into their thinking processes by the means of books, the timeless keepers of knowledge and wisdom. We can have inspiring mental conversations with the likes of Napolean Hill and Dale Carnegie or explore the secrets of the universe by reading the works of Stephen Hawking, or dive deep into the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore and expand both our minds and consciousness, to live not one but 1000s of lives in our brief lifetimes.

โ€œSo many books, so little time.โ€

Frank Zappa

We mainly learn by trial and error. We try, we fail, we try again, we fail, and so on we keep trying till we succeed. This has happened all the time with everyone, alive or dead. This is why the readers of great books gain an advantage, as these books are a concentrated version of the endless trial and error of another person’s life and the most important discoveries and insights he/she gained along the way.

Books like Think and Grow Rich talks a lot about how we can tap into this possibility of learning from others and ultimately upgrade our thinking and act more decisively, it also sets our spirits on fire to do more than we previously perceived we were capable of, to take that extra step, to make a decision with more purpose, to not hesitate the next time we are faced with uncertainty, to take action. There is a certain momentum in action & a certain sense of clarity in it. That is the reason a lot of people enter flow states (a state of mind where work/activity becomes play, our thoughts flow in a fluid manner, and our perception shifts and deepens) on making firm decisions with purpose. Action gives clarity to a purpose, and a purpose drives us to the life we want to live.

โ€œSleep is good, and books are better.โ€

George R.R. Martin


The conversation on books and gaining knowledge has brought us to a form of media that is expanding by great amounts at this exact moment, it is a child of the radio and the internet, the voice of the modern businesses, the podcasts. They are also a digital form of timeless keepers of insights of some of the greatest players in town. Here is how a podcast might be helpful to you.

A big portion of our time is spent doing the unavoidable mundane tasks like:

  • Commuting to work/meeting (Uber/Public Transport/Other Cab)
  • Doing the dishes
  • Cleaning the house (especially during the present lockdown state)

These tasks although necessary, are not productive with the perspective of growth. We can enhance our time spent during these activities by listening to some podcasts by some of the great thought leaders like Robin Sharma, Vishen Lakhiani, Tom Bilyeu, Jay Shetty, Simon Sinek, and so on. They in turn interview amazing people from all walks of life and share their secrets and deep knowledge they have gained from experience.

You could do more. You could be more.”

– Tom Bilyeu

For Example, In a talk, Mel Robbins had shared her secret where one counts backwards from 5 to 1 and launches himself/herself into action (like launching a rocket). She was in a depressed and a difficult stage in life for quite some time and this simple technique had helped her out of her misery to go on to do great things including but not limited to: giving a famous Ted Talk, hosting News channel for CNN, and having many best selling novels to her name. This, along with being a part of her experience, was also backed by research that she had conducted to really analyze the technique. The technique on regular use can cause a mindset shift and can enable us to reduce the time spent on dwelling and thinking, and after making a decision, we can launch ourselves into action. I have started using this idea as well and it does have a sense of clarity to it, if you guys try it, let me know your experience and if it works, let Mel Robbins know too, she sure would appreciate it.

Power is power, but since our lives are not exactly like that of the life of Cersei Lannister, its safe to assume that knowledge is power, and the world has loads of it. We consume content all the time, and since we are (or become) what we consume, we need to make sure to choose the sources of our knowledge wisely from the infinite. How do we get to know/choose what content is good for us? For the start, we can follow the top leaders of the field we want to improve in and devour the content that they might be consuming or the ones that they relate to. Maybe Follow their Social media, podcasts, or blogs, read the books they read or the ones they have written. And if they are into mentoring, we could ask them for a internship in their office, we provide them with free work/time and they provide us with the invaluable experience. Every choice is an opportunity, lets choose to learn and improve, with the help of the ones before us.

Ujjawal Sureka
A Student of life.

PS: If this post resonated with you, let me know in the comments, also share if you think it will be useful to others. Thank you, and have a great day.

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6 thoughts on “Surround yourselves with the best minds on the Planet

  1. Nice message! If you learn from your own mistakes you’re good, but you’re truly wise when you start learning from others’ mistakes. What else do we want from books and podcasts than learn from others’ mistakes and skip all those years of mistake-learn-improve loop other people went through!

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  2. Bhaiya..This is Great. I could feel some good vibe coming in and it was impossible to just stop reading in between. I got deep into the blog and gained so much.
    Bhaiya may God shower his immense blessings upon you and you keep writing such great pieces.!

    Liked by 1 person

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